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Hey guys,

This is James over here at Cascade Motorsports. With the way this year has been going I'm sure everyone has been noticing a pattern of dealerships not having inventory on the sales floor for customers to look at. While that has its own special set of difficulties to go along with it, there is one thing I would like to talk to you about regarding us getting you into the vehicle you want. And that is vehicle pre-sales. 

Right now the only sure fire way to make sure you end up in the vehicle you want, is by doing a pre-sale. A pre-sale is making a commitment to purchase a vehicle we have on order by putting a deposit down on it. Polaris puts extra priority on pre-sold units, getting them into the dealership an average of 30 days earlier than its original ETA. 

For example: This 2021 RZR Turbo S 4 was ordered on March 23rd and it arrived only 22 days later! Give us a call today to see how we can get you into the vehicle you can't stop thinking about!